About Trail Weather

TrailWeather.org was created to provide a way of seeing current and future weather conditions along the entire Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, and Pacific Crest Trail in order to plan upcoming hikes (e.g., "I have 4 days off work next week and want to do a hike on the AT, so which section will have the best weather?"), whereas most existing trail weather sites only provide forecasts for one location at a time.

Warning: This site is very data-heavy and is not recommended for hikers on the trail looking for local weather conditions.

Other stuff you should know:

  • The data is sourced from the National Weather Service API and is updated daily at 8:00am Eastern Time.
  • A black line indicates that no data was available for those coordinates when the API was last called (but you can click the forecast link in the popup to view the live forecast).
  • The location names given in the popup window are auto-generated and may not perfectly correlate with the nearest actual trail landmarks (particularly for the PCT and CDT).
  • The trail paths are approximate in order to limit the amount of data being loaded (so they may appear inaccurate when fully zoomed in).
  • The icons are meant to give a sense of precipitation likelihood in a general region rather than exact conditions for a set of coordinates, so they may shift positions at different zoom levels.
  • The icons were created by MerlinTheRed on DeviantArt.

Feedback is welcome! Contact me at wherearethehikers@gmail.com or on Facebook.

Happy hiking,